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grandson of the Duchess of Buckingham. They sent for the boy but the day before from Oxford, and bedded them at a day's notice. But after all this mystery, it does not turn out that there is anything great in this match, but the greatness of the secret. Poor Hervey8, the brother, is in fear and trembling, for he apprehends being ravished to bed to some fortune or other with as little ceremony. The Oratorios thrive abundantly—for my part, they give me an idea of heaven, where everybody is to sing whether they have voices or not.
The Board (the Jacobite Club) have chosen his Majesty's Lord Privy Seal ° for their President, in the room of Lord Litchfield. Don't you like the harmony of parties? We expect the Parliament will rise this month: I shall be sorry, for if I am not hurried out of town, at least everybody else will—and who can look forward from April to November ? Adieu ! though I write in defiance of having nothing to say, yet you see I can't go a great way in this obstinacy; but you will bear a short letter rather than none.
111.   To HOEACE MANN.
Arlington Street, March. 14, 1743.
I DON'T at all know how to advise you about mourning j I always think that the custom of the country, and what other foreign ministers do, should be your rule. But I had a private scruple rose with me: that was, whether you should show so much respect to the late woman1 as other ministers do, since she left that legacy to Quello a Roma2. I mentioned this to my Lord, but he thinks that the tender manner of her wording it, takes off that exception; how-
'  V.
5  George William Hervey, afterwards second Earl of Bristol.
6  Lord Gower.    Walpolc. LETTER 111.—l The Eleetress Pala-
tine Dowager.    Walpole.
2 She left a legacy to the Pretender, describing him only by these words, To Sim at Rome. Walpole.